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scubastank's Journal

29 September
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I am an editor of a magazine as well as a graphics guy. I also do any communication oriented work for the propane industry. That's right, I promote Hank Hill. Forget them goddamn butane bastards. P.S. - i am also the best indoor soccer goalie ever. Just ask me.
a-train, allen iverson, american history x, arizona, back to the future, bad company, bada bing, beads, beer, bob marley, bon jovi, bonging on the balcony, bookies, boston public, bourbon street, boy bands, breakdancing, bud light, c&j excavating soccer team, cadillacs, cafe risque, caprice bourfit, captain and coke, charles woodson, chicago fire, chillin, columbus, communications, cool as ice, cuse, dallas stars, darwin's waiting room, david beckham, david terrell, dayton, decatur-illinois, deja vu, delta faucets, drinking, edward norton, eiu hockey (sherlock rocks), eminem, endymion, fake tits, first class flying, fishing, fletch, flickerstick, foxboro, friends, gambling, goldschlager, hadley, heineken, hockey, idiot cell phone users, illinois state university, internet, italian soccer, jagermeister, jamaica, jason alexander, joe dirt, junior ortiz, kaylan nicole, kevin nash, long walks, los matadores, louis armstrong, maldini, manchester united, mardi gras, maxim magazine, medal of honor, menace to society, mexico, michigan, midgets, milli vanilli, millikin university, moind blowin', money, monty's, mr.schaefer, mullets, my life, my parents, n2deep, north carolina, p.o.d, partying, people who cannot sing, philadelphia, poker, porn, potatoes and gravy, power, pr, proms and homecomings, ra, rap music, real world, reggae music, respect, ron jeremy, seattle, sex, soccer, spanish women, spring break, springfield, stank, strange brew, strip clubs, tampa bay, tater's, tequila, the 76ers, the bobtail, the mystery mustache lady, the olsen twins, the pogues, the slycaps, the sopranos, tonsil hockey, toyota celica, ultimate fighting, university of michigan, university of washington, vanilla ice, wild things, wildside caberet, women